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The Chrono Compendium is hosting another Dream Splash contest, the first in nearly 6 years! These contests are a way for fans to create and share their. Welcome to the Chrono Compendium encyclopedia. Most of the encyclopedia . Guru Workshop - Project Forums - Need One?

Ask In Kajar Labs. The magic section is divided up into sections dealing with the theoretical roots. CHRONO COMPENDIUM Chrono Series Chronology ZeaLitY.

Schala is the gentle, meek princess of Zeal. Born into royalty, she was. Crono is a fatherless teenager from the town of Truce and the protagonist of. Chrono Compendium is a fan-site for the Chrono series. It was started in July by ZeaLitY, Ramsus, Ybrik Metaknight, Radical_Dreamer, and a few others. Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes is a fangame developed by the international team Kajar Laboratories as a ROM hack of Square's role-playing video game. Chrono Trigger is a role-playing video game which was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on March


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